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By Spa Medicca
August 03, 2016
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Learn about the facials available in Dayton, Ohio.

Facials feel great and are a welcome treat for your face, but they also promote cell renewal, leading to healthier, younger-looking skin. facialsThere are many facials you can choose from, depending on your individual needs or skin issues, and Dr. Christopher Sesslar at Medicca Medspa serving Dayton, Ohio wants to help you choose the facial that is right for you.

Facials can perform many functions including exfoliating dead skin cells, deeply cleaning clogged pores and rehydrating parched skin. Skin that is hydrated and renewed looks younger and more vital.

Typical facial treatments in Dayton include these steps:

  • Exfoliation, using mild vitamin-infused scrubs to remove dead skin cells and promote skin renewal.
  • Extraction, to remove blackheads and excess oil from clogged pores.
  • Massage, to relax the muscles of your face, reduce tension, and promote circulation in your face; your face is ready to accept vitamin and mineral products applied to your skin as part of the facial.
  • Mask, to rehydrate and tighten skin; there are many types of masks, each designed for a different purpose, to cleanse, exfoliate or moisturize.
  • Moisturizer, to lock in moisture in your skin, allowing your skin to look youthful, rejuvenated and renewed.

Your facial specialist serving Dayton will begin your treatment by examining your skin under a bright light to determine any skin problems like acne, clogged pores, wrinkles or loss of elasticity.

Once your individual skin issues are identified, your facial specialist will recommend various beauty products to be applied during your facial. You can select from a variety of facial scrubs, masks, and moisturizers depending on the needs of your skin and your wishes.

Facials are a popular treatment to relax and revitalize your skin and neck. Once you’ve experienced the magic of a facial, you may want to try additional beauty treatments available in Dayton, like dermal fillers, skin tightening or wrinkle treatments to expose your younger-looking face.

You deserve to look and feel great and your skin specialists want to help. Don’t wait when it comes to looking your best. It’s time to call Dr. Christopher Sesslar at Medicca Medspa serving Dayton, Ohio. Call today and look and feel great tomorrow!