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By Spa Medicca
May 11, 2018

Looking great means feeling great, especially when it comes to your complexion. Though the fountain of youth is a myth, cosmetic bbl, broadband lighttreatments are readily available in Centerville, OH. Treatments like Forever Young Broadband Light are able to help you reverse aging; firm, tighten, and even out your facial skin; and simply look younger. Find out more about Forever Young Broadband Light treatments and what they can do for you with Dr. Christopher Sesslar at Spa Medicca.

What is broadband light (BBL) therapy? 
BBL therapy is a new technology which focuses on improving the appearance of the skin. The technology uses pulses of light energy to heat the top layers of the skin, which is then absorbed. The heat stimulates the skin to produce increased collagen, a naturally-occurring substance which keeps the skin taut and firm. The increased production helps the skin look younger and renewing its appearance. The treatment also eliminates the super-fine blood vessels which could cause discolorations in the skin and reduces pigmentation to even skin tone.

What can I expect during a Forever Young BBL treatment? 
You will relax on a treatment table at your doctor's office and wear safety glasses during the treatment. Depending on the size of the area in question, your treatment time can vary from a few minutes to a half hour. You may feel a warm sensation often described as feeling like a rubber band being snapped onto the skin. Your doctor may suggest pairing Forever Young BBL treatments with other cosmetic treatments to rejuvenate your appearance. After your treatment, you should avoid the sun for a few days and follow your doctor’s instructions for caring for your skin.

Forever Young Broadband Light treatments in Centerville, OH 
If you think you could benefit from Forever Young BBL treatments, consulting with your doctor can help you decide whether this is the best option for you. For more information on Forever Young Broadband Light treatments, please contact Dr. Sesslar at Spa Medicca in Centerville, OH. Call (937) 312-9212 to schedule your appointment today!