The Four Major Benefits of Facials

By Medicca
December 18, 2014
Tags: Facials  

While facials in Dayton certainly offer some much-needed pampering, you may not realize just how much good they can do!

If you are considering getting a facial in Dayton then you can certainly look forward to these additional benefits:

Fight Blemishes: When you opt for a professional facial in Dayton your dermatologist can offer an exfoliating, deep-cleaning facial thatFacials will unclog pores and help combat pesky blemishes. Not only can we extract whiteheads and blackheads safely but we can also promote effective healing and calming of inflamed and irritated skin.

Remove pollutants: You would be amazed at how many chemicals and toxins our skin comes in contact with just by stepping outside. You may not even know how much damage this is causing your skin. That’s why we offer antioxidant facials. Through these specialized facials in Dayton, we can remove these noxious pollutants from your skin and replace them with healthy vitamins.

Revitalize your skin: If you are looking to give your wrinkled skin a bit of an energy boost, collagen facials not only deep clean but also offer a lymphatic draining massage to prevent future wrinkles from forming and to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Through lymphatic drainage we can also boost your skin’s smoothness and elasticity.

Promote a healthy immune system: By opting for regular facials in Dayton we not only remove unwanted toxins from your skin and body but we also help boost your immune system, as well. Particularly during the flu season and harsh winter months, it’s important to have a strong immune system that can fight off infections. Plus, we all know the problems stress can have on our skin and our bodies; luckily regular facials can provide ultimate stress relief.

Don’t think of facials as a once-a-year treat! The more you make facials a regular part of your skin routine, the healthier your skin will be. Call us today if you want to give yourself the gift of a facial this holiday season. Enjoy having glowing, healthy skin for the New Year!