Laser Treatments Offer Smoothed and Refreshed Skin

A 2013 study published in Psychology Today found that 38 percent of women and 34 percent of men aren’t happy with their appearance. In many cases, that is due to the condition and look of their skin. Many people aren’t aware that there are non-invasive solutions available in the form of laser therapy. The laser treatments offered by Medicca, a popular medspa in Dayton OH, help patients rejuvenate and refresh the appearance of their skin. Laser therapy can help you shed years from of your face, hands and more. 

Common Skin Problems
Patients come to Medicca seeking treatment for a variety of skin concerns. Some problems are due to aging, while others are due to other factors, like diet or exposure to the sun. Here are some of the most common skin problems addressed:

- Wrinkles and crow feet
- Acne
- Scarring
- Sunspots
- Hyperpigmentation
- Hair growth in undesirable places

Types of Laser Treatments
Medicca medspa in Dayton OH offers patients a number of laser treatments that are specifically targeted for certain skin problems. Here are some of the most popular options:

- Laser resurfacing (a tool removes a thin layer of skin, allowing fresh, new skin cells to emerge).
- Skin tightening aka SkinTyte (waves of energy are emitted from a wand to heat the collagen in the skin and make it feel and appear more firm).
- Halo (a hand tool is rolled over the skin to address pigmentation, fix large pores and smooth out wrinkles).
- Laser hair removal (hair follicles are lasered from the root to reduce the likelihood that they will grow back).

Is Laser Treatment Right for You?
A staff member will consult you in advance of a laser treatment to answer any of your questions and help you decide if laser treatment is right for you. Many patients find that this is the most effective and safest solution for resolving common cosmetic skin problems.

Call Medicca for a Consultation
If you’re ready to have a more rejuvenated, younger-looking complexion, call Medicca at (937)312-9212. A friendly staff member will book you for a consultation appointment at the Dayton OH office at a time that fits right into your schedule.