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August 23, 2018

Would you like to get rid of unwanted hair, fade age spots, or minimize wrinkles? Several laser treatment can help you improve yourlaser treatment appearance. Dr. Christopher Sesslar, in Dayton, OH offers laser treatments and other cosmetic services at Spa Medicca.

Halo Laser Treatment

Halo treatment is a good choice if you have sun damage, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, or texture issues. The Halo handpiece features a built-in cooling device for your comfort. During treatment, you may feel mild warmth or a stinging sensation but probably won't find the treatment uncomfortable.

After your treatment, you can immediately return to your usual activities. Your skin will start to flake two to five days after your laser session, although you won't experience maximum effects for up to six months. Most people only need one to two treatments to achieve their goals, although additional treatments can be helpful in some cases. It's important to protect your skin with sunscreen following your treatment.

Broadband Light (BBL)

BBL is a versatile laser that's used to eliminate small blood vessels, erase freckles and age spots, improve acne, remove unwanted hair, and improve the firmness and texture of your skin. Heat generated by the laser light breaks up pigments and blood vessels that cause dark spots, redness or visible veins, and also spurs collagen formation, which improves the firmness and texture of your skin.

The treatment can be used on any part of the body, including the chest, shoulders, neck, face, and hands. Treatment takes 30 minutes or less and requires no anesthetic. Your skin may look a little red after the treatment, but the redness will soon fade away. Like the Halo treatment, BBL also increases sun sensitivity. Your Dayton med spa will recommend that you wear sunscreen daily to avoid sunburn and new sun damage.

MicroLaser Peel

Removing the top layer of the skin is an excellent solution if you have shallow scars, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven pigment, or keratosis. The laser removes a thin layer of skin, along with blemishes, fine lines, and pigments. New cells quickly grow, replacing those removed by the laser, which makes your skin look healthier and more youthful.

Because the laser only targets the outer layers of your skin, you probably won't need any anesthetic, although a numbing cream may be recommended if deeper layers will be targeted.

Improve your skin with laser treatments! Call Dayton, OH, med spa Dr. Sesslar of Spa Medicca at (937) 312-9212 to schedule an appointment.

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July 19, 2018
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Could Botox be exactly what you need to revitalize your appearance?botox

Do you hate those crow’s feet that dance along your eyes? Do deep forehead wrinkles make you look frustrated and unhappy? Do you hate that laugh lines have burrowed deep around your mouth? These are issues that everyone deals with as they get older; however, there is a simple solution that could smooth away some of these lines and wrinkles in just a matter of moments. Dr. Christopher Sesslar, in Dayton, OH here to tell you about Botox.

Fight Lines and Wrinkles Without Surgery

Most people assume that they will have to undergo serious or even invasive cosmetic procedures in order to get rid of lines and wrinkles. This is simply not true. While Botox isn’t right for all wrinkles, it can be a simple, non-invasive, and non-surgical way to smooth away dynamic lines and wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes and mouth, and neck.

A Fast Procedure, No Recovery Time

Most people have busy schedules and can’t take time out to get an hours-long treatment or take days off work to recover. If this sounds like you, chances are good that you haven’t gotten the cosmetic treatment you want because you haven’t found time in your schedule.

Fortunately, when you choose to get Botox from our Dayton medspa doctor, administering the Botox injections only takes a couple of minutes. Plus, you go about your regular routine immediately after. This is why some patients choose to even get their Botox treatment on their lunch break.

Feed Your Non-Commitment

We know that some cosmetic treatments are a lifelong commitment, and what if you don’t like the results? Of course, our goal as your cosmetic physician is to ensure that you are as happy as possible with your results; however, we know that Botox isn’t ideal for everyone.

Luckily, if you aren’t happy with the way it looks the results are only temporary, fading away over the course of three to four months. Not sure you are ready to commit to more serious cosmetic dermatology? Don’t worry; Botox might just be the perfect option for you.

Boost Your Confidence

Nothing makes you feel tired or grouchy more than lines and wrinkles that make you look tired and grouchy. By instantly smoothing away these facial wrinkles we can give you the refreshed and younger-looking skin you’ve been wanting, which can instantly improve your appearance and skyrocket your self-confidence.

Do you have questions about getting Botox in Dayton, OH? Are you ready to rejuvenate your appearance and get a quick, easy makeover with amazing results? If so, the next step is to schedule a consultation with Spa Medicca.

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May 11, 2018

Looking great means feeling great, especially when it comes to your complexion. Though the fountain of youth is a myth, cosmetic bbl, broadband lighttreatments are readily available in Centerville, OH. Treatments like Forever Young Broadband Light are able to help you reverse aging; firm, tighten, and even out your facial skin; and simply look younger. Find out more about Forever Young Broadband Light treatments and what they can do for you with Dr. Christopher Sesslar at Spa Medicca.

What is broadband light (BBL) therapy? 
BBL therapy is a new technology which focuses on improving the appearance of the skin. The technology uses pulses of light energy to heat the top layers of the skin, which is then absorbed. The heat stimulates the skin to produce increased collagen, a naturally-occurring substance which keeps the skin taut and firm. The increased production helps the skin look younger and renewing its appearance. The treatment also eliminates the super-fine blood vessels which could cause discolorations in the skin and reduces pigmentation to even skin tone.

What can I expect during a Forever Young BBL treatment? 
You will relax on a treatment table at your doctor's office and wear safety glasses during the treatment. Depending on the size of the area in question, your treatment time can vary from a few minutes to a half hour. You may feel a warm sensation often described as feeling like a rubber band being snapped onto the skin. Your doctor may suggest pairing Forever Young BBL treatments with other cosmetic treatments to rejuvenate your appearance. After your treatment, you should avoid the sun for a few days and follow your doctor’s instructions for caring for your skin.

Forever Young Broadband Light treatments in Centerville, OH 
If you think you could benefit from Forever Young BBL treatments, consulting with your doctor can help you decide whether this is the best option for you. For more information on Forever Young Broadband Light treatments, please contact Dr. Sesslar at Spa Medicca in Centerville, OH. Call (937) 312-9212 to schedule your appointment today!

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March 20, 2018
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Whether you already have a skincare routine that you love, or are looking for a solution to common issues like acne, sun damage, fine facialslines, and wrinkles or premature aging, facials are the perfect solution for addressing your skin care needs at the moment, addressing past damage, and giving your face a healthy, younger-looking glow. Dr. Christopher Sesslar offers a number of skin care treatments including facials, injectables, and laser skin therapy at Spa Medicca in the Dayton, OH area.

Facials and Skin Rejuvenation in Dayton

Facials offer a number of benefits for your skin's health and appearance, which can have a positive effect on everything from confidence and self-esteem to overall quality of life. Studies have shown that both men and women admit to feeling self-conscious about their appearance due to common dermatology related problems such as acne scarring, loose, sagging skin, and fine lines and wrinkles to name a few.

There are many different types of facials, which can be tailored to your skin's unique condition and needs. A facial can even help your existing products and skincare routine to be more effective by clearing your pores of oil and dirt buildup that can lead to breakouts, but can also make it more difficult for your skin to absorb vital nutrients.

Some of the many benefits of investing in a facial as part of your regular skincare routine include:

Personalized care and treatment - Because your skin is completely different from everyone else's, there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" solution. Facials provide cleansing, toning, and moisturizing at the level and degree that is right for your skin.

Relaxation - Stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, and other lifestyle factors that are common with busy schedules can take a toll on your complexion. In addition to the aesthetic portion of a facial treatment, a regular spa appointment is an accessible and affordable way to relax and unplug for an hour or two.

Minimally invasive treatments - If you are looking for a simple and affordable treatment to elevate your skincare routine, reverse past damage, and get younger looking skin without surgical treatments, a facial is a great place to start.

Make Your Appointment in Dayton

For more information on how a facial can help to reveal clearer, smoother and younger looking skin, contact Spa Medicca by calling (937) 312-9212 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sesslar today.

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December 29, 2017
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CoolSculpting is an exciting alternative to liposuction for removing unwanted fat. The procedure is nonsurgical and works by freezing away coolsculptingfat in targeted areas of the body. CoolSculpting is available at Spa Medicca serving the Dayton, OH area in Centerville, OH, where Dr. Christopher Sesslar and the experienced medical spa staff can help you decide if CoolSculpting is right for you.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical method for eliminating stubborn fat cells in certain areas of the body. In a nutshell, CoolSculpting is the non-surgical alternative to liposuction. It is an excellent fat removal option for individuals uncomfortable with the idea of undergoing a surgical procedure for cosmetic reasons. CoolSculpting can be used to remove fat cells from the belly, buttocks, arm, and thigh areas. CoolSculpting can also be used to target such problems as love handles and the dreaded double chin.

CoolSculpting works by freezing fat cells in the problem area. The cells in fat tissue freeze at a higher temperature than other types of tissue within the body, which means fat cells crystallize or freeze more quickly than other types of cells. This allows the CoolSculpting equipment to easily target fat cells without affecting other cells or tissues in the body. Once frozen, the body naturally works to eliminate the frozen fat cells as they have become dead tissue. The body recognizes the need to remove dead tissue materials and will flush the fat cells out over time.

Results of Cool Sculpting treatment are not immediately visible right after an appointment. It takes time for the body to process the dead fat cells and work them out of the body. Some patients are able to observe noticeable changes in the targeted areas of their body in as little as three weeks following treatment. The most noticeable results tend to be readily visible about two months after treatment, with positive results potentially continuing for up to six months. In Dayton, CoolSculpting fat removal is available at Spa Medicca.

CoolSculpting fat removal technology is an exciting non-surgical method for sculpting a better body. It allows you to literally freeze away unwanted fat. To learn more about CoolSculpting in the Dayton, OH area and how it can help you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Sesslar by calling Spa Medicca at (937) 312-9212.

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