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May 12, 2022
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Find out what Botox could do to help you look younger.

Are you noticing that those lines between your eyebrows are getting deeper? Want to smooth away those lines and wrinkles before they become more visible? If so, Botox may be the simplest and easiest way for our Dayton, OH, doctor Dr. Christopher Sesslar to target those early signs of aging.

What is Botox?

Botox is a simple cosmetic procedure that injects a purified form of botulinum toxin into the muscles of the face to prevent them from contracting. Once Botox has been injected into the muscles, it stops the signals from the nerves to the muscles that tell the muscles to contract. Since the muscles cannot contract, it helps to smooth away certain lines and wrinkles.

What can Botox do for my appearance?

Botox can be an excellent solution for anyone looking to take years off their appearance without the need for invasive measures. Our skin doctor understands that not everyone is ready to take the plunge into getting cosmetic surgery; however, by choosing non-invasive measures like Botox, we can easily give you excellent results without downtime. So, what wrinkles can our Dayton, OH, team treat with Botox?

Botox works by reducing the appearance and sometimes even eliminating dynamic lines and wrinkles. These lines are the ones that appear when you make facial expressions like smiling, frowning or squinting. If you have crow’s feet, lines on your forehead, or around the nose or mouth, then Botox may be able to help you.

What is involved in getting Botox?

This fairly simple procedure only takes a few minutes to complete. It’s so fast that people often choose to get it done during their lunch break. Plus, there is no recovery time with this procedure. You can immediately go back to your daily routine after getting Botox.

The needles used are very thin, so you won’t feel anything more than a slight pinch when the needle enters the skin.

When will I see results? How long do results last?

It will take a couple of days for you to see the full results of your treatment. Also, results are only temporary, lasting for about six months. Luckily, if you are happy with your results, you can continue to get Botox treatments to refresh your look.

Are you interested in what Botox could offer your appearance? If so, turn to our trusted Dayton, OH, cosmetic team at Spa Medicca. Call us at (937) 312-9212 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sesslar.

By Spa Medicca
February 23, 2022
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When it comes to dealing with issues in your skin, there are many options that you can choose from as a solution. Laser treatments are quick and effective, and lasers can treat a variety of issues. Dr. Christopher Sesslar at Spa Medicca in Centerville, OH, and serving Dayton, OH, can explain the different types of laser treatment and how they can help you.

How Laser Treatments Can Help You

Laser treatments from your doctor serving Centerville and Dayton, OH, can benefit many parts of your body and can address various issues that you might be dealing with. Whether you want to get rid of stubborn fat, hair, get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, or rejuvenate your skin, there’s a laser treatment that could work for you!

When you want to deal with stubborn fat that exercise and diet alone just can’t get rid of, you can consider coolsculpting. This is an easy way to deal with getting rid of fat without surgery or need for downtime and healing. Results are long-lasting and you won’t have to worry about taking time off to heal from a surgery.

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your skin and give yourself a youthful appearance again, there’s also a laser treatment for that. You can tighten your skin and give yourself a smooth face that young and happy. You can use this procedure on various parts of your body to tighten skin that has naturally become loose over time.

If you’re tired of shaving or waxing constantly, you can remove your hair with laser hair removal. This is precise and saves you the money of having to buy razors or pay for waxing services ever again.

Contact Your Doctor Today!

There are so many laser treatments available that one has to be right for you. Contact Dr. Christopher Sesslar at Spa Medicca in Centerville, OH, and serving Dayton, OH, to learn about laser treatments and what they can do for you. Call for more information today at (937) 312-9212.

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January 18, 2022
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If you’re interested in facials in Centerville or Dayton, Ohio, Dr. Christopher Sesslar of Spa Medicca can provide the best option for your needs.

How to Choose the Right Facial

Choosing the right facial revolves around picking one that is best for your skin type. The following are the five different skin types and the best type of facial for each type:


Normal skin means that the pores are of normal size and the skin isn’t dry or oily. If you have normal skin, simply washing your face keeps it looking fresh and youthful. The good news is that if you have normal skin, your options for facials are pretty much wide open.


Dry skin is usually made up of small pores, and it often feels tight. Many people with dry skin have issues with peeling and cracking. Washing dry skin typically makes it feel even tighter and, usually, uncomfortable.

The dryness is due to dehydration. As dehydration hampers the body’s ability to naturally exfoliate, dead skin cells tend to stay put and impact the skin’s appearance. A gentle exfoliation facial that includes moisturizing is best for dry skin.


Oily skin is quite the opposite. It, of course, leads to an oily face. It’s accompanied by large pores, which clog easily, leading to blackheads and acne. Regular face washing gets rid of the oil for a moment, but the oil quickly comes back.

If you have oily skin, you need a facial that helps deep clean the pores. These will typically include glycolic or salicylic acid.


Some people have skin that has dry patches and oily areas. Often, they have small pores on most of their face and large pores around the nose.

Combination skin requires a comprehensive facial which will address both the oily and dry areas of the face. If you live in Centerville or Dayton, Ohio, and are looking for facials, Dr. Sesslar at Spa Medicca can ensure you get the best facial for your combination skin.


If you have sensitive skin, you are likely to deal with a great deal of irritation, stinging, and red spots. It might be due to a skin condition or environmental factors. In either case, washing it usually brings no relief but amplifies the irritation.

To prevent further irritation, people with sensitive skin require a gentle facial that is free from harsh chemicals and fragrances. It will need to include only mild cleansers and enzymes.

Learn more about facials in Centerville or Dayton, Ohio, or schedule your appointment with Dr. Sesslar at Spa Medicca by calling (937) 312-9212.

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January 07, 2022
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How Coolsculpting from your team in Centerville, OH, can help you

Have you heard about Coolsculpting? It’s the revolutionary new way to achieve the body you deserve, easily and quickly. Best of all, it’s available from your dermatologist!

Dr. Christopher Sesslar at Spa Medicca in Centerville, OH, offers a wide range of services, including Coolsculpting. He proudly serves residents of Centerville, and Dayton, OH, and he can help you too.

If you are thinking about Coolsculpting, you probably have questions, and your doctor has the answers. Listed below are 5 common questions and answers about Coolsculpting:

How does Coolsculpting work?

Coolsculpting works using cold energy (cryolipolysis) to freeze fat cells. The fat cells are destroyed, and your body naturally gets rid of them.

What are the advantages of Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting offers many important advantages. Consider that Coolsculpting is:

  • Minimally invasive, because only the fat cells are damaged, not the surrounding tissue
  • Effective, because it removes fat deposits which have not responded to diet and exercise
  • Easy, because there are no incisions, sutures, or suctioning involved

Do I need to stay in the hospital when I have Coolsculpting performed?

No. Coolsculpting is done on an outpatient basis, and it requires no downtime, so you can get back to your day.

What results can I expect from Coolsculpting?

After only one Coolsculpting treatment, you can lose up to 25 percent of fat in the area treated. Subsequent visits will help you lose even more fat, so you can experience beautiful body contours again.

How successful is Coolsculpting?

In a study of 4000 patients, CoolSculpting has demonstrated a success rate of about 95 percent. Over 2 million people around the world have enjoyed the success of CoolSculpting.

These are just a few of the most frequently asked questions and answers about Coolsculpting. To learn more about Coolsculpting and other aesthetic services, call Dr. Christopher Sesslar at Spa Medicca in Centerville, OH, serving residents of Centerville and Dayton, OH. You can reach him by calling (937) 312-9212, so call today!

By Spa Medicca
November 18, 2021
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With time we age, and so does our skin and how we would love to reverse that. Even if we can't reverse aging, we can still look younger with the help of cosmetic treatments. Both men and women fret over the lines and wrinkles that appear on their faces. Juvederm is a dermal filler that can be injected into the skin, making it appear smooth and plump. As per Dr. Christopher Sesslar from Spa Medicca in Dayton, OH, Juvederm is a popular cosmetic treatment.

There are many types of Juvederm and, they vary in their function. It is injected on the cheeks, lips, and around the mouth. Hyaluronic acid keeps the skin supple. When we age, its production decreases, leading to loose skin and wrinkles. Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid-based filler that can smoothen lines, give fuller lips and plump skin. After the doctor evaluates the patient's skin, the problem areas are marked. The injection contains hyaluronic acid with a local anesthetic to make it comfortable. Doctor massages the injected area to distribute the filler evenly. The results of Juvederm treatment in Dayton, OH, are immediate. The duration of the procedure is around 15 minutes. The number of injections required depends on the patient's needs. Juvederm can also give fuller lips and cheeks by increasing tissue volume.

The popularity of Juvederm has increased and is because of its minimally invasive nature. You don't need to go under the knife to make your skin look a few years younger. The effect of the treatment lasts up to 1 year for Juvederm Ultra & Ultra plus and up to 2 years for Juvederm Voluma. Allergic reactions are low as hyaluronic acid is a natural protein. To say goodbye to lines and wrinkles on your face, schedule an appointment with Dr. Christopher Sesslar from Spa Medicca in Dayton, OH, for a Juvederm treatment by calling (937) 312-9212 today.

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